How to make speed upgrades stack

In the actual gamemodes when you buy things they stack and they make each upgrade give more speed I want to make that but cant figure it out.

Like something like that?

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@unknownHEHE wants it to stack (as in if you were moving at x2 speed and if you bought x2 speed it would get you x4 speed).

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No i know how to do that but I want it to stack so that if one upgrade is 2 and then another is 1.5 then together it will be 3.5 because if i just create one shop then it wont be as fun

Then… make it to where it is a small amount in the beginning, then add on to it as you go on?

Yeah, so basically what I said.

The way you want it to happen doesn’t work (as far as I know).

wym how do i do that

really?? what do they do in the normal capture the flag is it different or…?

The alternate solution would be to have the vending machine to activate an already deactivated vending machine and then have the old one deactivate itself. The second vending machine would have a higher speed the the first one.

I tried doing that but for SOME apparent reason i can buy it from the machine already(the one deactivatedd)

I guess you can try and connect more to the first? I’ve never tried.

@unknownHEHE gimme a sec

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  1. Vending Machine 1
  2. Speed modifier 1
  3. Vending machine 2
  4. Speed modifier 2
  5. Wires
    (Vending Machine 1 :arrow_right: Vending Machine 2)

    (Vending Machine 2 :arrow_right: Vending Machine 1)

    You can then copy this over and over again

ok lemme try real quck

I just tried it, and it works!

It does not work i can purchase the one which i AM NOT supposed to purchase but when i do purchase it it removes the first one

It’s supposed to remove the first one

Wydm by that?