How to make speed upgrades stack

ok lemme just try again rq

Btw, you purchase the first one, then the second one (it’s not stacking but a work around)

I just realized you don’t have to add the second wire

Just use that option

You can make it like farm chain! ( Maybe ) Where you have to have a certain amount of stuff to purchase the thing for it.

I skimmed through. But use properties for every times speed. Example 2x speed plus 2x speed, 4 properties. Use block code and I think that might work.

Ok i fixed the issue I THINK i had to make it so the vending machine was not active at the start of the game

im dumb and idk how to use block code

There’s many block code tutorials, don’t worry. I used to be in your position. Now I can somewhat comfortably block code. But if you don’t know how to, its still ok. Use properties, and equal signs. If you need to, ask someone, i’m not fit to do that.

Wait I have an idea!

I sorta fixed it but idk if it will stack

Gimme a sec

that second has lasted longer than 10 mins :laughing:

Adding onto this, place whatever device you want to do the code in (it doesn’t matter), a counter and a property. (the counter updates the property).
Wire the Vending Machine/s to the Counter (you don’t need to make multiple).
Finally, wire the Vending Machine/s to the device you want to do the blockcode in (to either run the wire pulse block or trigger if it’s the trigger)

Put these blocks in:

Just repeat the existing code if you want to add more speed upgrades.


can you show me of a screen shot on how you got there and what devices you used



(Vending Machine) Item Purchased --> (Counter) Increment Counter

(Vending Machine) Item Purchased --> (Notification) Run Wire Pulse Block

PS: ^ For this part, you don’t need to wire the vending machine to a blockcode device and you can just give them the starting speed (ex. 1.25x). If so, skip the "if Get Property = 1
do Broadcast Message On Channel “speed1.25x” block.

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