How to make specific player drop item (again)

what did I even say? :rofl:

want me to recreate it like a actuall gim?

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oh you know what, i think you’re right. i might’ve overreacted to your comments earlier, which might’ve made me come across as a bit of a hotheaded jerk. my bad, i guess i just got carried away in the heat of the moment lol. anyways, yes, let’s just drop it here and move on. let’s leave things be and let our paths diverge from here. all good?

but do you have any ideas to fix the problem? maybe you could test my map a bit more to find out.

sure, i’d love to see what the gimified version of my profile picture would look like! you can really go wild with it and be creative, i don’t mind either way. just make it look as cool and edgy as possible, since that’s the vibe i was going for when i chose it.

ohh ok its not gonna be hand drawn ok?

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hahaha, now you’re getting it! let’s just put our worries aside and focus on having some fun instead. forget about all the messy problems and just joke around, because that’s way more entertaining than stressing out over every little detail. plus, i like your idea of testing your map more to find out what exactly’s causing the problem. let’s team up on this and see what we can find!

what exactly is the pfp?

yeah don’t worry, i didn’t really expect it to be hand drawn either way lol. just make it as gimlike as possible and have fun with it, that’s all i ask ;D

oh right, i probably should give you some more context about that. so yeah, my profile picture is a picture of a gim in a red and white hat from this cool promo art they released. i really liked the design and the way it looked, so i decided to use it as my profile picture. i think it fits my personality pretty well and it just has this cool edge to it that i really dig.

what color of the body do you want it to be
(I can use any gim for the body)

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hmm, i don’t have a specific color in my mind, just something that matches my avatar’s vibe. i’m pretty into the whole purple stuff, so that could be a good starting point. but honestly, you can go crazy with the colors and mix and match as much as you want, i trust your artistic vision

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i think for the red and white pattern ill switch it up so there was more white :thinking:
just tell me the improvements and I’ll get back to you tomorrow?

The current design for my Gim art has a lot of red and white stripes in it, which is a nice contrast to the neutral background. However, I feel like adding more white to it could further emphasize the bright tone of the piece and make it stand out more. Specifically, I was thinking that the white stripes on the face and body could be extended a bit, to give it that extra touch of brightness.
Otherwise, I think everything else looks good, so I’m looking forward to seeing the changes you make.

how abt this??

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Anything related to this post?
maybe could you guys make a different art post for that conversation

ok sorry I’m don’t posting on here

Sorry for all of the pings but you were the one who was able to create a system the first time. Could you figure out the problem?

Yes. Pinging me is fine. Sorry about the delay. I think the problem is with the Knockout manager. I assume that the detection of “player” being in knocked out detects both being killed and killing since they both apply to player. We only want the ko manager to drop when the play is killed.

I can think of two answers to this but they are semi complex

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  1. You use some system to detect if the player you just killed had a medallion and then grant it to the player.

  2. You check if you have the medallion and then when you are killed you send the medallion to the killer.

Unfortunately I don’t see a way that we could have the medallion drop on the ground where the player died. The closest you could get to this is limiting the killer to holding 0 of the item and still granting it so it drops on the killer.

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