How to make specific player drop item (again)

So I think when I though my medallion system worked, I was wrong.
In this video, I pick up the medallion and kill another player who has absolutely nothing and you can see at the very end they drop the medallion.
I have a gif but can’t post it because it is a gif of the gimkit website, so the name includes the words “g@me code” and I can’t post a topic with “g@me code”

So you need help only making the person who holds the medallion drop it when they die?

look at my old discussion, I almost figured it out: How to make specific player drop item - #54 by bob6000

but yes, that is what I am trying to do

Oh welcome to the forums @bob6000 !You could make vending machines buy all the seeds on death, and then wire them to the item granters that go to the same seeds.

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I’m not sure what you mean or what that would be intended to do.

If the player spends the specific seed on the vending machine, it would be checking that that player has the seed/medallion.

the checker can check if the player has it. The checker i’m fairly certain is not the flawed part of the device setup.

Sorry, I just kind of skimmed through, and I tried to find the simplest solution I could.

I think I was mostly testing before to see if the person who had the medallion dropped it, and not if somebody who didn’t have it does, but now that I have, it seems to not work.

The issue is somebody who didn’t have the medallion drops it anyway.

Wait, don’t listen to my solution, it was WAY flawed.

Ok now that I’m thinking more about it yeah it seems like something pretty hard to do, I’m not sure how to solve your problem. Sorry.

maybe I followed your original directions wrong?

Maybe. Its late in my timezone so i can try to help tomorrow.

Wait, what about this? If you pick up the medallion, it acts as a pseudo team. When a player is knocked out, check to see if they have the medallion. (This should work as long as you keep items on respawn.) If the check passes, it uses a KO manager to drop the medallion as a KO drop, and clears the medallion from the players inventory.


man ClicClac, you’re on a roll! that’s an awesome solution for keeping all players on the same team in Free for All, and it’s pretty neat how you tied in the medallion as well. having the medallion act as a pseudo team member is a really interesting idea, and it fits well with Free for All mode. the way you implemented the KO drop and inventory clear is also pretty slick. your thoughtfulness and attention to detail make you an awesome Gimkit player and i’m glad to have you on the community:)

Ok, thanks. Lemme show you the gif:
Host _ Gimkit - Google Chrome 2024-04-03 22-34-58

It is a battle royale map, and you do not respawn. (unless you have a certain medallion)

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