How to make shadows in Gimkit! (Guide)

So as the title reads this is how you make shadows in gimkit!
(This is my first guide)

What you can make

This is a few images in my game that I made.


The steps
Step 1

Place down two props
(I picked a toolbox) It can be anything you want

Step 2

Click on your 2nd prop you placed down

Step 3

Turn off both colison and shadows

Step 4

Go to appearance and click on tint, then make it black

Step 5

Also go to appearance press flip and click yes

Step 6

Press alpha in appearance
and make it 0.59
(I did 0.59 it can be anything but it has to be at least under 0.80 or 0.90, also always do 0. before your number)

Step 7, 8, and 9

Press change size then flip over your object

Move it under your first object

Turn off shadows for your first object.


Creepy, but this is cool!

I like this! But, can’t you just turn on the shadows button?

This is a more detailed version because the shadows are just small circles.

Ah, makes sense. Great guide! do you want critiques?

What does that mean @I_Like_Props?

Yes I can but it just gives more detail
Just like @Dragon_Tamer said

Like do you want tips to make your guide better?

Sure of course you can!

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What you did well :+1:

  1. You made an original guide that related to GKC
  2. You explained it very well
  3. You used correct grammar and pictures

What you could improve on :-1:

  1. The only bad part of this guide is the horrendous amount of “hide details”, maybe reduce them, make each step longer and/or don’t use them

Overall, this is an amazing guide, I love it and plan on using it in the future.

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that’s nice! now let’s see if we can make sunlight…

That’s really creepy.

But really good job on the guide & the shadows lol!
Really creative :slight_smile:

My opion it makes the guide more organized and clean.
And you know where one part starts and ends instead of trying to find it if you get what I’m saying.

Also you are new so no offense at all but you will get it once you explore the forum more.
Also it may offend someone else if you use words/sentences like “The Only bad part of this guide and horrendous.”
And I mention this because there is no horrendous nor’ “bad part” to this guide.

I am not trying to be a KAREN I am just giving you a heads up :slight_smile:

Thanks, do you have an idea for a guide I could do in the future?

Btw, maybe put the shadows below the actual object. :nerd_face: :point_up: because of the way light works, the shadow of an object wouldnt technically be on top of the object.
Great guide tho

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That lol!!!

I sort of speed ran the guide.
(mostly because of school)

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Nicely done,
The shadowing looks sick.
Short yet a good thing to use when making props look better.

I plan to use it on almost all of my objects in my game