How to make a Pool/Lounge Area

Click Here: GKC Pool/Lounge Area?
IF the video doesn’t work, I guess I can make a guide with pictures :l
Also, the c0de is no longer va|id

Have any ideas? Put them in the comments and I’ll make a guide on how to create it.

Sooooooo I’m adding pictures, since some people are afraid it will get flagged since it isn’t a usual guide, but anyways here we go:

Your finished result

The Pool


The Wall

Collision on for ALL the walls

Place a Dark Grey (or is it Gray) Stone Wall

Do 3 more but make the 3rd one vertical

Make 5 more, 2 vertical 3 horizontal

Lastly 2 more Vertical walls


Collision on this doesn’t really matter

Place a BUNCH of trees make sure the layers for them are behind the stone walls so they don’t look like they are floating. All of the Trees shadows will be off EXCEPT for the ones where the roots/base are visible. Shade/Change the tint of the trees to be darker as you get farther back.

Lounge Chairs

Get a barrier and a wooden pole, collision off, full tint(1.00), no outline/border. Copy the wooden pole twice for the 2 sizes Collision off on the wooden pole as well

Copy the barrier twice resize it, and re-color it to be darker

Make the legs of the chair as shown. (for the layers look at the video). For the shadow of the chair take a black barrier collision off, border/outline off, place it beneath the chair

P.S you may have noticed some decor not explained. Click below.


This is just a light stone pathway with potted flowers

A random flower
A seating area, the only thing you should really need to know for this is that the grapes are the item image, layers for the food to be ABOVE the table.

Credits/other links:
How to make a pool you can go into, 1/10 :green_square: - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative
How to make shadows in gimkit! (Guide) - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

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Uh… put a guide, not a video. Some people might have YouTube restricted, and flag this.

10 minutes of video :eyes:
i’ve got quite the marathon.

the guide IS the video…

The video is a guide, you are allowed to do that, and IF I were to put pictures there would be over 100 (not joking)

its not youtube, its actually vidyard.

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Okay, but it could be blocked. People would probably flag this if they couldn’t see the video.

Very nice I like the pool/lounge!
Also thanks for using my guide!

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Yeah about that…
Technically you can skip through it and preview the end to see if you have any interest in creating something in the video :3

its good that its so in-depth though. i’ll rate it once i finish the video.

Thank you for your concern.
I have made several videos before, none being flagged.
If it were to get flagged, and could probably email a moderator or hello@gimkit to unflag it~

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These guide is too short and the video is only a add-on. Please add instructions and pictures otherwise this will most likely be flagged. (Not by me tho)

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Magenta_Dragon is right. Also, how do you right the name and then link it to their bio?

Finefine, it will just take longer.

and I am not shure if I have the ability to edit my posts(nvm)

If people are concerned about people flagging this, just put the biggest steps as pictures and explain them.

You should, press the 3 dots and press the pencil.

Yes I know thanks xD just checked

Pictures added, loggin off see ya

Did you know you can’t say for_e here ( without"_")

tactical nuk3.

I loved the end result. And it was all in-depth. I rate this guide a 9.5/10 because the background wasn’t beach :sob: :sob: :sob:

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