How to make a pool you can go into, 1/10 🟩

If you have ever played press the button or don’t, its fun you should try it. Thanks to @cheesebox for the pool part added in that game mode
Lets get started with materials:
barriers 2x
any terrain
camera view 1x
Now make barrier and do this:

Then put your terrain like this: (make sure there are walls)

then with the other barrier put it like this:

and finally put camera view like this:

and your done!
Again, thanks to @cheesebox!
Cya - Badkarma

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Nice guide!

thanks!, I saw a pool like that in the game mode @cheesebox made and saw that nobody made a guide on it!

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Cool guide!!!

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thanks @Crimson_Knight!

Nice guide! Instead of writing very ez, just say 1/10 :green_square:

ok, thanks @GimSolver

I’m glad you liked my game!! I plan on making a sequel – If I added an Easter egg for you, what would you want it to be?

Nice guide!

maybe a hidden room that you need to make a specific algorithim or something that ya need to do

In the room, maybe it’d have a big painting with the Roman numeral I in a black space ; )

Great idea @cheesebox!

It’d say “Malum karma”, latin for bad karma

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Maybe you could make it so when you have a key you go to where the painting is and when you place it it moves to the right and lets you ge inside maybe like asecret room, srry gtg

also, I invited you to my chat, check email, it on padlet

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I was walking along the pool, BUMPed into a chair, and fell into the pool!

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I bumped into a lifeguard and was pushed into the pool with this great guide.
Help… I’m still in the pool…

R.I.P Minion


what do u mean R.I.P minion

Badkarma hasn’t posted since the 1800s.