How to make Red Light Green Light: Difficulty 6/10 or 🟧

This is my first guide, so I won’t be adding pictures, sorry :frowning:


Movement Meter
Inventory Item Manager
Movement Meter
Item Granter
Wire Repeater(s)

Anyway, first, you want to add something that triggers the game to start, for me, I’m going to be starting by broadcasting on the channel RedLGreenL. Then set the property to anything you want, I’ll set it to LightChange. When the game starts, you want it to do these things:
Activate Movement Meter (for said item)
Grant max amount of said item

When the relay is activated, start the repeater. The repeater will do these things in order:

In the first trigger, enter the blocks and enter the code to change the property of LightChange to either “red” or “true”. Make the settings for the inventory item manager so that it doesn’t show notifications and it updates a property when it’s changed. Set the property to a new property: Moved. Wire the moved property to a trigger. Go into the block code and make it so that if LightChange is red or true, broadcast on the channel to eliminate the player. If false, don’t do anything.

Now we also want to make the second trigger in the repeat function to set it back to green or false. If you want, set a notification so that there’s a warning.

Based on this, how understandable is my guide on a scale of 1 being least understandable, and 10 being most understandable

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good job on the guide! although I would figure out how to do pictures if I were you, they can be very helpful sometimes! :smiley:

Yooo nice guide i was gonna make a guide on this but i kept putting it off thanks for taking it…

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Can you give me credit, the movement detector is similar to my guide

If you can, add some pictures!

Not to be mean but I’ve never really seen your guide, I’ve been using the step tracker guide from @EggNoodle

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Good guide! I suggest changing the difficulty in the title based on the answers to the poll. If you don’t know how, I can do it for you.


Nice guide! I changed the difficulty in the title for you to match the poll.

I don’t know how to do the colored blocks for the difficulty

Im gonna remake this in a way so that there’s pictures and more understandable soon

Well the thing with the poll is that it’s for understandability, not difficulty

Actually, polls are for how difficult the guide is…

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Read the text above the poll

Mmm ok but i dont think anyone read that… and when we do do polls, the difficulty in the title is the :sparkles: difficulty :sparkles:

This guide is not 6/10 difficulty…

I think he meant that people voted in the poll that it was hard to understand 6/10 so I think he got confused.

Yes, i dont think anyone realized that the poll was for understandment.

What’s up with all the new users nowadays honestly there are SO many

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No, I think they realized it was for understandable /10.

Probably because the holidays are near and most people don’t have that much school anymore, trust me, I think there’ll be more in December.

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@GimAI is no longer active.
Sorry about that.

quite sad, i checked and it said that @GimAI was just a fun project