How to make players invisible?


I’m sorry but there is no way to make a player invisible, what are you trying to do there may be a work around?

im making a hide and seek map and i want there to be an area where you can see the seeker they he/her cant see you
and so u can runn around without them seeing u

Currently, invisabits and making players invisible is not in the game ( You could have a lot of hiding spots around the map?

With/without invisabits, you can’t. Wait, no, not without.

You could use a pitch black barrier with 1.00 alpha, set scope to player (so it only activates for individual players), and use a relay to activate it for the seekers team.
Then, deactivate it.

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You can’t do that yet, there is a thing called invisabits, but they are only found in Tag: Domination and they have not been added to creative yet.

there no invisabit yet

they are asking for a solution for their specific gamemode. in this case, a pitch black barrier that doesn’t block players or projectiles and is on the above layer works fine.

Why did you link my guide? It has nothing to do with invisibility.


I thought it was.

No. Just invincibility. Different things.