How to make people drop their inventory when they get knocked out?

I have been trying to get this to work but there are some bugs.

Welcome to the forum, @JPingu! Currently, there is no way to do that (I think). What you could do is make a certain item grant directly into the inventory of the player who got a knockout.

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A certain item they don’t have - Knockout Manager. If dropping items they have in their inventory, it can’t be possible :frowning:

What kind of items are players able to obtain? If they can’t obtain too much unique items, I might be able to solve that. Welcome to the forum btw!

Get un-impossibled

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They did give an alternative

Screenshot 2023-08-28 6.02.17 PM
This is what I have right now. This has accounted for every item I am using, the bug is that all items drop when someone gets killed, is there any way to fix that?

That’s a lot of checkers and k.o. managers.

How exactly does that work?

basically, when someone dies, it checks what items they have, and drops on their body what they had, but that does not happen.

I believe you can activate an inventory item manager set to 0 for that player when they are knocked out. I’m not sure if it will trigger right before the player respawns though. After that, deactivate the inventory item managers. Some inventory item managers have a bug where there isn’t an option to deactivate it.

Will this guide help?

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I have made it so when the player gets knocked out, they become a spectator. And thanks.

If that guide works, mark it as a solution.

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