How to make people drop their inventory when they get knocked out?

The guide didn’t work, or knowing me, I did something wrong.

What didn’t work?

Hold on, what is your lifecycle setting, I forgot to specify what setting to put it as.

literally just use this knockout manager setting:

it drops an item where someone got knocked out.
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Wait, is that new? I have never seen that setting before. Even @Jeffo said it wasn’t a thing.

No, I’ve used it before

Am I the only one who never knew about that?

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About that, I have come up with another solution to this and it kinda of works.
Screenshot 2023-08-28 7.18.47 PM
What you did is kinda broken and doesn’t seem to do the same every time

I didn’t see that either. Maybe Jeffo added that after finding out that there wasn’t a way to do it.


Alright. I usually don’t notice changes. I haven’t checked the changelogs in forever. Wait, would they have put that on the docs?

It was already there.

          Seriously, Jeffo is what you call him?

That’s his username

It’s stuck to us now. Also, we should stop posting.


Huh! That’s good to know.