How to make moving sentries or animatronics

To make them move just make a bunch of copies of them all around the map, then here are the rest of the steps, the copy animatronics should NOT be active during the start of the game.

  1. Place a life cycle that’s event is “game start”
  2. Place a trigger next to the lifecycle and make the delay however long you want.
  3. Wire the lifecycle to the trigger

  1. Then place a trigger next to the first trigger and set the delay to however long you want
  2. Wire the our first trigger to the next trigger

  1. Repeat 6-7 times

Don’t mind all the extra wires that’s part of another function
7. Click on the first trigger and make it so that when triggered, transmit on: Name the channel the whatever the animatronics name is then put move1

(Kit is means Foxy)
8. Take the original animatronic so the one that IS active when the game starts and make it deactivate when receiving on that same channel from the first trigger

  1. Then take a copy animatronic in a different spot and make it activate on that channel

  1. Repeat for every trigger except use different channels and different animatronics.

When the triggers are triggered they will send a channel which deactivates a animatronic and activates another one at a different spot to give the illusion of movement.

The sentry that has the number “1” next to it is the sentry that IS active when game starts and deactivates when receiving on channel “KitMove1” and the sentry with number 2 next to it is the sentry that activates when receiving on the channel “KitMove1”


nice guide, but could you put a screenshot of everything placed?


When I tried to add the final product It didn’t let me.

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thats strange, so why dont you use this →

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I’m not sure how to, I’m new

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okay then, so click the Gear button (:gear:) and click on “hide detail”

make sure to add credits!

Oh ok I’ll try that.

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Sorry I think my wifi must’ve been bugging earlier because now it works! Sorry, I’ll still give you credit for helping

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No problem, I am okay, you did all the guide (I just told you to how put the screenshot)

Ok thank you! I appreciate it!

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I made this guide because I saw a lot of people needing moving sentries for animatronics, in FNAF maps. But there were also a lot of people who needed npcs for fornite maps

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