How to make Medbay from Among Us in GimKit! Difficulty: 2/10 🟩 (I think)

Back with another tutorial! This time we’re making medbay! Now before you do this tutorial, I would recommend completing the first tutorial in this series: How To Make The Cafeteria For Among Us In GimKit! Difficulty: 2/10 🟩 (I think)
where we made the cafeteria, as we will be connecting Medbay to it. If you already made your own custom cafeteria, all you need to do is follow along! =)


What you'll need

Blastball Court
Marble Stone (DARK)

Step 1

The first thing you want to do is delete 3 blocks off of the left side of the cafeteria (see image for correct placement)

Then place a 14 block-long thing of concrete inside of the hole. Make sure it’s labeled “Floor” and not “Wall” (See image)

Step 2

At the left-bottom of your concrete, place down 9 more concrete.

Then, place down an 11 block line at the end of the 9 block square.

You have to have the proportions exactly how I have it or else it will not work. make sure there are 4 blocks at each side of the 9 block square

Step 3

Now you need to place 5 blocks downward on the right side of the 11 block line.

Then place 10 blocks downward on the left side of the 11 block line.

Step 4

Here, you’ll want to place 3 blocks going right diagonally on the right side, and 2 blocks going right diagonally on the left side.

Then, place one more diagonal block on the right side, and make it go down 5 more spaces. On the left side, place one more diagonal block going to the right 11 spaces.

Step 5

Replace all blastball court aside from the entrance with Marble stone (dark).

Make sure the Marble is set to “Wall” and not “Floor”

Okay! The outline is done! Time to make the interior
Interior (TERRAIN):

What you'll need

Dungeon Floor (BLUE)
Spaceship Corridor

Step 1

Place a 5 by 12 rectangle in the middle of the floor.

Next, just fill the empty space with spaceship corridor!

You’re done with terrain for now! =D
Prop time!

What you'll need

x4 Space bed (blue)
x1 Spawn Pad
x1 Computer

Step 1

Place two beds on the left side, facing the right. Place another 2 beds on the right side, facing left. (flip them in Appearance)

Next, place your spawn pad and computer down, close to the end of the room.
(make sure to set the allowed team to spawn to team 3, so no one will spawn there)

Next, add one spaceship catwalk (lined), beneath the left bottom bed to make it look like there is a vent there.

Finished Product

You’re done! Good job! You now have a stylish medbay room! If you enjoyed this tutorial, a heart would be great, but not needed. Hope this helped all of you!
Feel free to ask for help, and provide feedback in the comments!

Cheers! @AshDock2010


nice guide! I would make sure to exchange “design” with make because it might confuse people on what the guide is for. Also, don’t keep putting “(I think)” in the title! Be confident! Again, great guide! my honest first reaction b4 reading the guide: “wow. another dupe guide.” and I was 'bout to pull up this guide: How to create Medbay Scan!🟩 lol


Welcome to the forums!
You seem to be pretty good at decorating, great guide!

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Hi! Thanks so much! I don’t know how to make polls, I just put “I think” haha.

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Thank you very much! I try haha.

Oh, you don’t know how? There should be a pm you got from the dude called Discobot, click on the pm. Say @ discobot (without the space between the @ and discobot), start tutorial. After finishing that, say @ discobot start advanced tutorial. You learn polls in it.
Another great guide!

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Nice guide! I like the floor style. Among us guides are close to my heart as that was my first published/popular map.

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