How to create Medbay Scan!🟩

Items you will need:
Spawn Pad
Laser Beam

First place down a spawn pad and set it to pregame. Add a green laser which stubs are not visible. Wire a button to the green laser beam activating it. Also wire the button to a repeater (starting it) that task invertal is at 1 second. Wire the repeater to a counter that has a end goal of 7. Now wire the counter to the laser deactivating it. Also wire the button to the counter reseting it. And also make the button transmit on the channel you are using for your completed tasks. Pictures coming soon!

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(Also Im working on among us shadows right now so stayed tuned for that!)


Nice guide! Remember to add pictures though!


Great job! Remember, pictures are powerful!


can you add images for new gims?


I will soon

this kind of works except you can move while the task is going

when i helped my friend make an among us game, i added a movement meter that tracks beach fish (you can use any random arbitrary item that isn’t used in your game). then i added a starting inventory so all players have 99999999999999999999 beach fish. when you press the button to start the medbay task, you’re teleported perfectly onto the spawn pad, and all the beach fish are cleared from your inventory with a negative item granter, and then it waits ten seconds using a trigger delay, and then it gives you your beach fish back, says “task complete,” and deactivates the button for you.


You could activate invisible barriers scoped to player around the scan so you can’t move but people can walk through you

Oh. Didn’t see what you edited in

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true, that probably uses less memory than my method, however no matter how tight you make the barriers, you’ll still be able to slightly move around and/or at least face in different directions

Can you put barriers on top of the player

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if you activate a barrier on top of the player, or teleport the player inside of a barrier, they’ll be able to walk out of the barrier, just not back in.

Ok. I don’t mess around with barrier s that much

Nice guide!

Nice guide @Magenta_Dragon! You might want to add photos though.

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