How to make Kirby (,,,⬮_⬮,,,) (0/10 or 🟦 )

Ever wanted your own Kirby in GKC? Uhm, probably not, but even if you didn’t before, this tutorial will definitely make you want one! Anyways, here are the materials you will need:

  • 3 barriers
  • 3 texts

To make our Kirby, we will first need to make him a body. To do this, we will first need to turn all barriers into a circle. Here’s the setting you will need to do that:
Screenshot 2023-12-26 5.25.39 PM

Now, let’s make one of the barriers a nice, light shade of pink. Here’s the hex:

Now you have a pink ball. Make sure the alpha/transparency is 1, and also make sure that the outline is turned on. Alright, now we will make the barrier this size:
Screenshot 2023-12-26 5.30.57 PM

Now, we need to make the feet! For this, get another barrier with the same settings as the first one. We will make it hot pink. This is the hex:

Make the barrier the smallest it will get, and place it under the body like this:
Screenshot 2023-12-26 5.35.34 PM

Copy the foot and place it on the other side of the body. Now, go to layers and place the feet under the body like this:

Now, click on Face to continue.


Great job making the body! Now we will continue making Kirby by creating his face. First lets take a text box and turn it 180 degrees. Now, put “(” for the text. Make sure that the text is on the primary layer, then place it on Kirby’s face like so:

Ok, great! Now you need to copy the “⬮” character from the post into another text box, then place it on his face two times (Once again, on the primary layer!) as shown:

Cool! You are done! If you want your Kirby to look extra detailed, go to Extras. Cya!

Lil hands

Ok. We are going to add some hands to Kirby! Basically, its just the feet, but on top.

Of course, They are light pink. The same color as his body.


Blush makes everything look cuter (in my opinion)! Let’s give Kirby some. First, place down a text box. Then, put “,” in it. That’s just 3 comas. Now, place it under his eye like this:

Now, copy that on the other side of his face, and wala! You got some blush on your Kirby friend.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice Christmas (Even though Christmas was yesterday)! <3

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btw what was the hex color thingy I wanna make it better

FInd that in the Body section

I’m working on a updated one ok?


Ok @Trasch , just make sure to give credits. Thanks! <3

How about the name is “How to Make Kirby: REVAMPED” ?

no I figured you could add it to your post and just credit me for the updated kirbo(not a typo)

Okay. . . Sorry Gary.
But anyways, if you search kirbo on Google, you get this.

Edit: nevermind, too goofy to show.

sorry that site don’t work for me

Cute guide! You should add highlights to the eyes and also include other Kirby characters so it isn’t just Kirby.

If you still want to center it around Kirby, perhaps add copy ability hats or alternate versions like the 1990’s-2000’s design.

wow this is actually kinda difficult seeing that there aren’t many small, white props

Could you try tinting circular barriers white, and then resizing and putting them in the top left corner of the eye?

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Well I guess I could just make kirby bigger

Barriers do have a size limit to how small they can be, so you might have to increase the size of the overall build to make it proportional.

Okie Dokie👌

a size limit

What is it?

there really needs to be an option to highlight things and then make the size bigger

hey @StarfallNova I’m done
Screenshot 2023-12-26 5.46.03 PM
I mean its not too much of a difference but uhh
cool right?
you use ceramic plates for the feet and they’re colored the same as the barriers
and theres barriers on top bc they’re not exactly the same color
and barriers for blush
bread for eyes colored black
5 text boxes with emojis and a ) for mouth and eye colors
so yeah
you can add this to the post if you want
oh yeah and for arms you do the same with the feet but colored like the body
Screenshot 2023-12-26 5.57.28 PM
hahaha “Like and Subscribe for more!”
but fr

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You might want to make this a bit longer because some might find this short and flag it

To be fair it is an art guide and art isn’t that complicated so what do you expect? (Also this is a pretty long guide for one about art.) Now let’s get back on-topic. Also, @StarfallNova (or a TL3) can you add the art tag?