How to make a pikmin sprout

@Thepickedman this is a pretty good guide, just add some more steps like this

Step 1

Click the settings button

Step 2

Click on the button that says “Hide Details”

Step 3

Change the text that says summary to whatever you want

Step 4

Put whatever you want in the “text will be hidden” box


I have a better way to do that
if you want I can make it for you

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actually I went ahead and made it
Screenshot 2023-12-27 4.13.26 PM
it’s not too great but it’s much less square-like

id like to see it please

way better! sdsssssddddddaaa>

yeah I made the color fit more
Screenshot 2023-12-27 4.17.54 PM
if you look at the kirby tutorial post I put kirby

How to make Kirby (,⬮_⬮,) (0/10 or VERY EASY)

its near the bottom tho

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Um, @Trasch, this is considered “Spam” as you are advertising other topics. Please delete that.

Screenshot 2023-12-28 11.56.31 AM
I’m pretty sure this promotes linking other topics

Yeah, for help not just for random stuff to advertise your topic.


Thing is tho that’s not my topic, it’s starfallnova’s
and what if someone needed help making a kirby

Why are you advertising it?
When you share a link, it usually has something to do with the topic to help someone. What you did was flat out advertisement.

but the topic is about art
why is that an advertisement

About Pikmin, not random kirby stuff.

do you not like kirby or something

I do but this has nothing to do with this guide.
Now back on-topic

@Zaraxion, why did you cover up your age? We already know that because you gave us your grade.

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ok about the pikmin sprout( version) I made, you can make the blue and yellow pikmin by just changing the colors


Except the Yellow Pikmin need giant elf ears.

I thought you couldn’t see them in the ground?

Never mind, you can’t see them in the ground. Good thing I double checked, because I was just about to hop on GKC and build it with ears.

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