How to make Kirby (,,,⬮_⬮,,,) (0/10 or 🟦 )

Okay, @BendyTheInkDemon, you really need to stop posting random emojis that have nothing to do with the topic. It’s called being off-topic. Please stop.
@StarfallNova, this has to be 0/10 no matter what because it’s an art guide.
Instead of writing VERY EASY, you could put something like :green_square:


@BendyTheInkDemon if your going to keep this up please personally take a break from this place until you get the point of being on topic


are you referring to @StarfallNova bc they could just add my part to the post and credit me so it would be longer.
Screenshot 2023-12-27 2.06.14 PM


Kirbo is cool, but when he’s angry. . .

I might make Kirby on the star thingy too

it’s actually called a Warp Star. :nerd_face:

not technically, literally
I forgot the name of it so I just said star thingy
I’m disappointed in myself😭
I mean, I got a Kirby amiibo on the Warp Star on Christmas.
Hey should I make a separate post on the Kirby tutorial?

Why did Kirby never share his food? Because he was afraid he’d get inhaled-itated!

Lol. Just a joke. ᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ

What the sbfhaj does that mean
the joke doesn’t even make sense
Can you explain?

Idk. Just searched Google.

Wait, I have a better one:

What is Kirby’s favorite song?

“Hey Now, You’re a Warp Star”

off topic but check this out
The best Kirby memes :) Memedroid

nice joke
tho maybe say Hey now, you’re a warp star

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Why does everyone think the Repeater is so bad? Here is my opinion on it:

Made by @T_Sonic54

don't look at this definition of the Repeater...


Eh really never had to use a trigger
TBH I don’t really know all about how to use it

Thank u for making gimkit art of me!!!
It looks great!!


I’m gonna make Speedrunner Mario next

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YEAAAAAAH! Now that is going to be cool!
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what do people mean when they say they ran out of likes

You can only have so many likes in a day, and I ran out, it means I can’t like any more posts.

Bro next time credit the person who made the meme. (me)
use quotes