How to make items on the ground without a item spawner!

This is a trick not many people know, first, place two sentries on different teams.
Make one have low health and will always be knocked out by the other sentry. Next, make the sentry that will get knocked out drop the item you want on the floor. Last, make it so when the sentry with the item is knocked out, it deactivates the other sentry. This is a photo of the result:
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Screenshot 2024-01-06 10.53.52 AM
I know, not much, but in the game:
Screenshot 2024-01-06 10.57.09 AM
I know, the sentry is still there, so, you have a game start lifecycle that deactivates the senty that is still alive.


The guide is kind of annoying to do, but it’s the only way to do it


nice guide/discovery



You could make it so when the top sentry is knocked out, deactivate the bottom sentry.

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I did that, it doesn’t work

Yeah your’e right, but you could make it so they both have 1 health??

and one doesn’t drop anything

True, I did that before, but I forgot that method, there is one flaw, even at max accurccy, they may still miss, leaving one sentry standing there, my way, no matter what can’t fail, I will put that on the guide though

Oh! you could make a lifecycle on game start, wire that to a wire repeater, make the delay five, then deactivate when recieving on a pulse. (Give the sentry that drops smth low aim.)

That works, but it has a… let’s say 50% chance of failing because the sentries may miss, and, i’m going to see if that works

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I love how this is a 1010 memory replacement that looks bad and doesn’t work well for an 8 memory device.

Just hide the spawner behind a prop or something.

Don’t do this.


It’s not working for me, maybe because sentries can’t be affected by devices anymore?

This is if you have extra memory and you want to improve your game.
Look at the diffferce:
Screenshot 2024-01-06 11.19.39 AM

Screenshot 2024-01-06 11.17.56 AM
As you can see, it looks odd to have a weird floaty device holding cash up, it is much more realistic to have cash sitting on the ground

this brings the quality down if anything

I have no clue where this would actually help me

for yours I need two sentries, which can kill me and are distracting.

it’s not good

I would totally have the spawner before I use 1% memory to add this

to reply to the post below this, I did read it. it could still attack you, because it’s broken. it’s also harder to customize than an item spawner. I think that guides should actually be something useful and not an inefficient thing. I prefer for this to not be posted in the future.

The only problem is that you can deactivate a sentry when it’s killed by another sentry because the knocked out thing in wires only works if a player knocks the sentry out

The sentry isn’t deactivated… And you could easily put a prop over i

I know, I said that in the quote you posted

Yeah, ok I understand where you are coming from. It is a pretty annoying method.

you could also just hide the item spawner behind a prop, saving you 1002 memory.

Item Spawner Effect Not Working - Help - Gimkit Creative

from this guide

First, you can’t see the item then, second, it’s 1000 memory