Item Spawner Effect Not Working

Okay, if this “bug” got patched then I will stab someone.

So, you know the item spawner effect where if you put it on a marble sign, it looks like a floating item on it? Well, it’s not working anymore. I swear I tried layering and the item spawner’s item just won’t show up.

Here’s some proof:

If you don’t know what you’re looking at, there are two item spawners. One is supposed to be on the marble sign, but it’s not showing up.

What’s even worse is that I need this for a map I need to update (it’s published already).


I really don’t recommend advocating violence!

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Yeah it got patched. I just tried doing it rn. Same setup.

also i don’t want to move it to the bottom layer because the above and bottom layers are problematic and look weird

It’s not in the marble sign, though…

Then I have an idea on how to still make this work. Move the sign to the bottom layer and then get a barrier with no border to cover the spawner.

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it’s supposed to be on top

Ok so apparently I was wrong. It didn’t get patched out.
The Marble Sign MUST be on the below layer if you want the effect to still work.
That’s very weird.

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No, that’s fine.

The bottom part of the item spawner is not supposed to be above, i think.

Probably the marble sign is too thick.

Prob so that the item spawner’s item can show.

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