How to make it so players teleport randomly in different places

For Dudeman0613 Game

How to: Random Teleportation | 3/10

Random teleportation inside zones 3/10 :green_square:

Wait, can’t you just do a repeater, and teleporters?

Example, repeater repeats something after every 3 seconds. Teleporters for everyone to teleport to randomly, cause it teleports randomly already. Like example,

Channel transmitted, its A. There’s 2 teleporters that will receive on A and teleport you there. It’s random.

This was a mistake but Dudeman0613 was needing a way to make it so they teleport to random locations constaintly and shoot each other so you thanks

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pluss I thought I made this in community guidelines thats wierd

That’s because @Cellofive changed this as it’s not a guide.

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