How to make good thumbnails?

So I tried and I had now idea what to do. Some of you guys have awesome thumbnails like this:

You said you used Kleki and I don’t know how to make it like that or the steps of getting those thumbnails. Could you like help me. Please?

Some more examples are:

I use Google slides, so I can’t really help you…

these may help:

also, you don’t have to do kleki. i would recommend trying out some other art apps if you don’t get kleki. for example, i use canva.
you could always request somebody for a thumbnail too. i know there are lots of people here willing to do so.

Ill try to use them.

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I know a lot about kleki. Do you have any specific questions?

Like how do you draw, get pictures that look nice like the examples i posted above.

I believe that the link that you put at the top is wrong. I think this one is correct.

Well for drawing, make sure you have the little paint brush equipped. The drawings above were made by importing images. Go to files and click import.

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Have you exported images? I need more explanation.

We are close too the soultion.

Sorry i meant solution.

ok so click file, and click import. Then select the image you want to put in. then, click set as layer.

I uhh, i get people to do it for me.

Also, can you explain how?

Use this guide…

Ok solution found thanks to @MirMirCreates

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