How to make Custom Health ❤️

  1. Visual Portion
    First you can go into map options and set health to invisible and make it the max amount.
    Then you will get out a lifecycle and leave it at game start but when the event occurs transmit on the channel Start. Then you can take out a property.
    You can name it anything but for this instance ill name it Health.
    These are the settings

    Then you can take out a gameplay overlay and set to Top Left to take position of the Health and go to channels and make it show on the channel D.I.E.D and Hide the overlay on the channel Lose 1.

Now go into the Block code of the Gameplay overlay and make it receive on the channel start. Then set the block code to this

you can use the red heart emoji :heart: to represent the Health. Now the Visual Portion is done.
2. functional portion.
If you want a laser to damage the Health, first you will first connect a wire from the laser to a trigger
The settings being… Player Hit by laser - Trigger
Then you will go to Block code and put this in

Now to make you respawn when your health reach’s zero. You will grab anther trigger and a wire repeater.
You will set the wire repeaters settings to one second and wire the wire repeater to the trigger and the trigger to the wire repeater with the triggers settings to trigger. then you will set the triggers code to this

Then if you want the hearts to appear less every time you lose some health you can do this. First grab anther trigger and do the same system with the wire repeater and the trigger and you will set this triggers code to this.

Now you will do the same process with the wire repeaters and triggers and here is the code for the 8 triggers after this one.

Now for the Gameplay overlay version of this part. These will show the channel they are connected to and the code for it. Here it is
Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 5.45.04 PM

Overlay 2
Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 5.45.19 PM

overlay 3

overlay 4

overlay 5

overlay 6

overlay 7
Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 5.46.51 PM

overlay 8

overlay nine

And thats the final step.


noicee guide

few things (i didn’t read the full post)

  1. we cant track when players get hit by pew pews, or track health
  2. isn’t this like psuedo health?

this is, in fact, psuedo health. i have read the whole guide.


Kind of, i gtg i will answer questions later

just with overlay emojis not overlay text

I think blackhole is working on smth like that

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Oh, yea i guess it is kind of like pseudo health

for already lost health I would suggest the white heart :white_heart:

Thanks and yea thats a good suggestion

If there is any more suggestions tell me cause this is my first guide and i want to make better ones in the future.

Almost mistaked you for @Dragontamer lol
yeah this is kinda like psuedo health but still it does have those cool broken heart and heart thingies so nice guide!

Yea thanks also should i make a Minecraft Guide cause of the new update?

this is really cool!

@BreathTaking ur a protogen now too? :O

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I agree but personally would use the black heart :black_heart:


this is a really good guide!

note that u can save block code and game overlays with the following

put following block code in the overlay

create variable: "heartsdisplay"
set heartsdisplay : "♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔"
create variable: "numofhearts"
set numofhearts variable: (Get Property: Health)/(100)
Set text: Create text with: In text "heartsdisplay" get substring (from first letter) to (letter #) [(10) - (numofhearts)]
                          : In text "heartsdisplay" get substring (from letter # from end) [numofhearts] to (last letter)
                          : numofhearts

Nice guide! I never thought of this…

nvm i saw the 2 days thing :eyes:

What you talking about?

someone above you posted 2 days ago, not 5, when a bump is 5+ days.

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