How to make Custom Energy-Per-Question

Okay, so, yes, you’re all probably surprised I’m finally making a guide again. Yes, I have been gone for a long time. But I hope this will help you on your journey to make your Gimkit games!

The first thing you must do is gather these materials:
Button 1x
Counter 5x - You can do more if you want more than 10000 energy
Trigger 11x - Same with Counter; More if you want
Property 6x - Yes, I know, a lot!
Your Answer Question Button setup - You can use my guide, How to Make a Button to Answer Questions anywhere (Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩 )
A post-lobby - To select the amount of energy you want. The host will spawn here. Make sure to make a lobby for only non-host players too.

Step One
Build your post - lobby. It can be something like this: Ignore the devices

The Spawn pad:

Step Two
Lay out your properties, triggers, and counters like this:

On the far back is the Answer-Question-Energy system. In front of that is a property called Custom Energy, Which is a global number property.
In front of that is five properties, named 10000 digit, 1000 digit, 100 digit, 10 digit, and 1 digit. You can make more or less if you want a greater amount of energy or a less amount of energy.

You should probably also add two text devices like this:
Now, wire the triggers to the counters to subtract and add to the counter amounts. Make sure the Counter updates its corresponding property as well.

Step Three
Now, this is going to need blocks, if you haven’t guessed, so be sure you can operate with blocks.

Place another trigger and your button down. Make the Button Message say “Amount Ready” and wire it to your trigger to trigger it. Make sure that trigger is not visible in game and cannot be triggered by stepping on it. Your “lobby” should look somewhat like this now:

Click on your new trigger and go to blocks. Create a new block. Now, put this series of code in it:

Basically, you’re doing:
You are setting the variable “Custom Energy” to the equation (Get Property: 10000 digit * 10000) + (Get Property: 1000 digit * 1000) + (Get Property: 100 digit * 100) + (Get Property: 10 digit * 10) + (Get Property: 1 digit * 1)
And then, you are setting the property “Custom Energy” to the variable Custom Energy to get your designated energy amount.

Step Four
Now, make a block in the Item Granter from the Answer Questions Button guide like this:
Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 7.51.28 AM

Delete the wire from the Questioner device that leads to the item granter, and instead make it so that when a question is answered correctly, the Questioner transmits on “Custom Energy Ready”!
Now, the system should work!

Of course, if there are any errors, I will be happy to fix it! Happy Gimkitting, everyone!
-@Blizzy, Out!


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Nice guide. If you want to condense block code you could set it to create a large block of text out of all the variables and then set that as a variable. Then reset the variable to itself rounded to create it as a number again.

Yeah, but I feel like this would just make it kind of easier for new block coders.


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