How to Make a Button to Answer Questions anywhere (Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩 )

Devices you need:
Game Overlay 2x
Wire 2x
Item Granter 1x
Questioner 1x
Bonus: Movement Meter 1x

In case you’re wondering how to do this, I decided to make this. I see a lot of questions about this. First, set up the devices above.

Make the first overlay look like this:

Wire the first overlay to the questioner so it looks like this:

Now, put the item granter near the questioner. Put energy in the item granter. It should be at least 1000 energy. Wire the questioner to the granter so it looks like this:

That’s for the earning and the button part, but you can track it if you set the second overlay to this:

Bonus time! If you want your player to need to move, just put down your movement meter and set it to this:

You’re done now! I hope this helps!


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Evaluation of Tutorial by @Blizzy:

What They Did Well

  1. Clear Title: The title of the tutorial was descriptive and aligned with the content presented. This makes it easier for users searching for specific content.
  2. Detailed Explanation: The tutorial offers a detailed step-by-step explanation of the process. It includes specific settings for each device, which would help readers successfully replicate the process.
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  4. Structure: The tutorial was well-structured, following a logical sequence from introducing the necessary devices to explaining how they can be used together.
  5. Instructions: The instructions were clear and specific, which makes the tutorial easy to follow.

Areas for Improvement

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  3. Target Audience: The guide could better identify and cater to the needs of the intended audience by explaining any prerequisites or technical terms that might be unfamiliar to some users.

Rating: 7/10

This tutorial does an excellent job of explaining the process in detail with clear visuals, but could improve by providing a more comprehensive introduction and conclusion and better addressing the needs of the target audience. Keep up the good work, @Blizzy!



Why the bump? There were no comments (no offense) and it is the best on help posts because they only last 3 hours not 3 MONTHS

Bumping Community Made Guides allows people (especially new users) to see mechanics they wouldn’t have otherwise. This is especially important for basic mechanics like this.

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Oh I didn’t know why

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It’s okay. Bumps originally we’re only for Community Made Guides, but with the new solutions, I can see how that could be confusing.

Bumping the bumper car that can bump mine with a bumpity bump say that really fast 3 times…

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Is there a way to hide the question answering device if you want only the button?

Honestly, just either put it in the far reaches of your map or block it with something.