How to make crop felds like in farmchain

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So @aibenr What exactly do you want in the guide

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If you want to farm, you should definitely check this out! [ 📰 ] Resources For Farming

so what to do like what to place what to wire whrere to where settings any thing else recuired plus how to make it change maddering on the crop and i was absens for 5mins there makeing my siter a bagle

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im just having trouble understanding. what is a “crop chang madering”?

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I do too I thought you said it in a different tone, sorry

if you’re talking about the plots that you can buy, those come with crafting, which is not released yet, so you can’t make these fields.

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Well, you can make some hardware to animate the grips growing, but you can’t make the gui. Maybe you could teleport players, but that takes way too much work for a gui.

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Welcome to the forum! Do you want to know how to make the mechanic of crop fields or their design?


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Maybe take a look at the farmchain tag or checking out these guides:

And some resources:


Use a checker that counts how much of an item someone has like research and a checker that unlocks vending machines at a certain amount.

i know kinda how most of creative works agin i segest you look at my other replys

could you send me that semplyfied totoreal plese

Oh I’m sorry i forgot to make it. And no one really understood exactly what you were talking about