How to make an item upgrader (Difficulty: 🟨)

This tutorial will help you make a shop where you can upgrade weapons like the zapper or quantum portal.

Note: The tutorial is mainly for weapons to be upgraded. When I say to make four of something, I really mean the amount of upgrades you will have.

  1. Make the shop

First, put down a vending machine. Right now, you can either decide to make the vending machine custom or not. If you want it to be custom, you can make it hidden and then put a prop over it. If not, make sure it is visible, and select the image of the item you are upgrading.

Next, select the currency you will be using (i.e. cash) to be transacted for an upgrade. Make sure the transaction mode of your vending machine is “Transmit on channel.”

  1. Item Timers

This upgrader is meant to upgrade only starter weapons. Place down a starting inventory circuit and then select the lowest tier of your item.

How many upgrades are you going to make? A normal weapon has 5 tiers, so it will be upgraded 4 times (common->uncommon, uncommon->rare, rare->epic,
epic->legendary). Since it is being upgraded 4 times, we will place down 4 timers. If you upgrade a different amount of times, change the amount of timers. Now, make sure the timers all are not visible to the player. Also, make sure that the timers are only applying to that one player, not the entire server by selecting “player” under count scope.

Now we need to add targets to the timers. The first timer should have a target of 1, the second should have a target of 2, and so on. Wire the vending machine into the timers so that when an item is purchased, the timer will increase.

Note: You should always be checking if your wires are green. If they aren’t, then they haven’t been set up fully.

  1. Item Granting & Removing

Place down 4 wire repeaters above the timers. The wire repeaters should have a delay of 0.1 seconds. Next, place down 4 Item Granters. The item granters should be set to grant the next level upgrade. For instance, the first granter would give an uncommon, the second would give a rare, and so on.

Once you have those down, run wires from each timer into the wire repeater above them so that when the timer gets to its limit, the repeater will be activated. Then, run wires from each wire repeater into the granters, so that when the repeater is activated, the item will be granted. The reason we are doing all of this is so the item is given after the lower tier item is removed. This will make sure that the item is not in a different slot.

Finally, Create 4 Inventory Item Manager Make the inventory item managers track the item that is being upgraded (i.e. common when upgrading common item to uncommon). Run wires from the timers into the managers saying that when the timer hits its target, remove the item from the player’s inventory.

This is the end of the tutorial! Test your upgrader to see if it works! If you need any help, you can always ask in the comments below.


I can’t find the item timers. Where do I find them?

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I think they meant counters

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Great tutorial, @JoeTheChicken! You’ve provided step-by-step instructions for creating a shop to upgrade weapons in Gimkit. Here’s some feedback on your tutorial:

What you did well:

  1. Clear Objectives: You clearly state the purpose of the tutorial, which is to create a shop for upgrading weapons like the zapper or quantum portal. This helps readers understand the specific goal they will achieve by following your instructions.

  2. Step-by-Step Instructions: Your tutorial provides a detailed breakdown of each step, making it easy for readers to follow along. You explain how to set up the shop, item timers, item granting and removing, and inventory item managers.

  3. Clarity in Explanation: You use clear language to explain each step, making it accessible for readers who may be new to Gimkit. This helps readers understand the process without confusion.

  4. Visual Support: You mention the importance of checking if wires are green and provide guidance on how to wire different components together. This visual support helps readers understand the wiring process and ensures they set it up correctly.

Areas for improvement:

  1. Additional Context: It would be helpful to provide a brief introduction to Gimkit and explain its relevance to the tutorial. This would benefit readers who are unfamiliar with the platform.

  2. Explanation of Customization Options: When discussing the vending machine, you mention the option to make it custom or not. It would be beneficial to explain the advantages or considerations for each option, helping readers make an informed decision.

Overall, your tutorial is informative and provides a clear guide for creating a shop to upgrade weapons in Gimkit. By incorporating the suggested improvements, you can make the tutorial even more user-friendly and enhance the learning experience for your readers. Great job!


when I did it it just gave me the item it did not take away the old item.

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also I’m sorry for the super late reply

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@Little i think you need to do your job

most and best upgrader yet

other ones to complicated

nice job!

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For the tutorial, what’s a starting inventory circuit?

They mean the starting inventory device.

Oh, but it has a scope, and the starting inventory device doesn’t. Also, there timers and targets, what’s that too?

What do you mean?

In the tutorial the starting inventory device doesn’t have a scope and target. How do I get the scope and target?

The scope and targets are on the counter device, not the starting inventory device.

What about the timers?

By timers they meant counters

Oh that makes more sense. But if I wanted the player to have a certain amount of an item to upgrade, how would I do that?

(Oh wait it’s in the tutorial whoops.)

Ok. Now when I spawn in I have all of the weapons. Did I do something wrong?

Yes. The starting inventory device should only have the lowest tier, and make sure the counters start at zero.

So I only have one starting inventory device? Or all four of them are the common version?