How to make an item that you can pick up off the ground (4 simple steps)

How to make an item that you can pick up off the ground

Step 1

Place an item image on the ground and make it show what ever you want and make it disappear when receiving Pick Up.

Step 2

Place a button and make the button message Pick up and the when button pressed transmit Pick up. Then make it not visible in game and you can set the interaction time to what ever you want.

Also make the button disable when it receives Pick Up

Step 3

Place an item granter and make it grant the same thing as the item image, and have it grant the item when receiving Pick Up

Step 4

Finally you have to put the item image on top of the button

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Nice guide! Thing is there are already a bunch of these guides. Furthermore, this isn’t unique, it’s a dupe.

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Nice guide! This is really helpful!

I didn’t see those, sorry


Make sure to always use the search bar!


you forgot Foxy’s guide on how to make a “dropped” item on your map

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Nice Guide! You should give credit, tho.

Personally, I think the “I didn’t know there were other guides” is a bad excuse.
There’s literally a search bar, where you can search, and instantly, many guides come up.
If you take the time to make a guide, then take a few seconds before to check if it’s been made yet.
Duplicate guides (no offense) don’t really bring anything new to the community, as it’s been explained before.
Yet if it’s a better and improved guide, than that’d be fine, but looking at yours and others, it looks quite the same.

i was going quick. I knew there was one but I couldn’t find it…

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