The Alfredian way to make a pick-up-able item [🟩]

!! DISCLAIMER !!: No pictures will be available for this tutorial. It’s 21:16 and I’M TIRED!!!

  1. go to the devices tab, and add a button.
  2. enter the options of the button by clicking on it.
  3. you can change the Button Message to whatever you want. I’ll change it to pick up cash
  4. change the When button pressed, transmit on to your channel name of choice. I’ll go with pickup
  5. MAKE SURE to change the Visible In-Game to NO. this is really important as you dont want a massive button next to a tiny picture.
  6. if you want to, feel free to change the Interaction Duration period to however long you want it to be. I’ll keep it as 1 second.
  7. to finish this up, go back to the button and go to the Availability tab.
  8. go to Deactivate when recieving on, and put in the channel name of choice. I put in pickup.
  9. go back to the devices tab and select the item image device.
  10. place the item image close to, or on top of the button.
  11. change the Item option to an item you want the player to pick up. I’ll go with the cash sprite.
  12. go to the Availability tab.
  13. scroll down to Hide when recieving on and change it to your channel name. I went with the name pickup, so that’s what I’ll put in.
  14. go back to the devices tab, and place down an item granter device.
  15. change the Item To Grant to the item you want the player to pick up.
  16. change the Grant item when recieving on to the channel name you went with. i put in pickup.

Congrats! You have made an item you can pick up! Good job!

Edit: gee golly willikers i understand i need pictures the next tutorial i make will have pictures

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Remember Pictures are POWERful


can you add pictures when you get a chance…

there is always an item spawner… and yeah pictures too

in my newer tutorials :smiley:

Nice tutorial but…

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I changed the difficulty because this isn’t super hard.

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i mean it would be hard without pictures…

but anyways, greate guide (for a first guide)

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so what do you want me to do? delete this tutorial?

you cant anyone, but remember:

search before you make

or you can rename to title to
“The Alfredian way to make a pick-up-able item [:green_square:]”


omg im renaming it thank you so much hahaqaahahahaha