How to make an in Game Trail (Updated Guide)

Credits to: @WhoAmI for making the original guide.
The Link to his guide is here: How to Make your own in-game trail
I thought that I would make a more in depth guide with some more pictures.

You need:

  • A Zone
  • A Lifecycle
  • A Repeater
  • A Wire Repeater
  • A Item Granter
  • A inventory Item Manager

First Place down your zone.
Then set item decay to 5 seconds.

Screenshot 2024-01-05 9.18.13 AM

Next Place down your life cycle set it to listen for Game Start.
Then place down your Wire Repeater and wire the Life cycle to the wire repeater.
Now it’s time to place your Repeater. Wire the Wire Repeater to the life cycle then back to the Wire Repeater.

Set the Repeater to, Task Interval: O.5 and Stop Strategy: After receiving on a channel.

Screenshot 2024-01-05 9.31.04 AM

Now it is Time to choose your Trail! Choose an item for it to be and put down your item granter with that item. (For Me it Is Banana) Then Wire the Wire Repeater to it.

Next Place down your Inventory Item Manager. Set the item it monitors to your trail item. Set the maximum of the item to one.


And You’re done! You have made an in game trail. (What if you combine it with a real trail?)

Note: Set the size of the zone to cover your entire map. (Otherwise the trail won’t disappear.)


This is really cool! Now I dont have to waste all my gimbucks on actual trails. :laughing:


Just So you know you can have more than one trail this way.

Every once in a while, a guide comes along that shakes the foundations of Gimkit. This is one of them.


Hey, just a heads up, but my guide has already been remade…


Did you happen to look up guides to make sure of originality

In some ways this triggers me inside ;-;

nice guide! probably need to credit some people though

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Let’s try to avoid reposting old guides, even with improvements, unless it is necessary.
Still, nice job, and also good job for crediting WhoAmI.


still a pinch annoyed though

Um I don’t think you needed to make this guide. There are two others that still work fine.


Nice guide!
(Don’t forget to search and see if this guide has already been made!)

I’m so sorry!

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I tried to add more pictures for beginners.

Nice guide!

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Just add my guide as a link then But its fine ;-;


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