How to make an in Game Trail (Updated Guide)

It didn’t work.

numbers aren’t allowed, it won’t work, only letters.


No Problem.

Bump but just saying please next time @Coolerthancoolest make original guides

Why did you bump?

Yes, that is me.

Epic Guide, @Coolerthancoolest!!!

Thank you!

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@Coolerthancoolest next time try to make original guides instead of remaking an old one

You should check out my other Guide.

Cool Guide!
Seems interesting.


Hey, BUMP BUMP BUMP, got any grapes? Mr duck does not like bananas. lol

Wow, this is a revolutionary guide!
It kind of defeats the purpose of actual trails, so Gimkit’s basically getting a run for their money!
:smirk: This defeats the purpose. In a good way!
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