How To Make An Awesome RPG Game

Now when I say RPG I mean role-playing game right? So this game has to be an immersive experience that sucks the player in not wanting them to leave for any reason whatsoever.

Let’s look at an example game:
Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom. Awesome game with everything. It has a good storyline, awesome sidequests, and a variety of nice and diverse weapons.

So that’s how we’re gonna want our game to look like, we want a nice diverse game with the following things:

*A storyline


  • Bosses

  • Diverse weapons and items

and finally an optional ingredient:


Ok now that we listed our 5 ingredients let’s go over how to make the game.

Step 1:
We need to create a storyline for our map. Preferably the storyline should be neat and concise such as defeating a boss to avenge someone dear to you.
When creating this storyline it is important to have a theme in mind. This is the thing you will be following for the duration of your game. You will only use props and landscapes related to this theme
You could do the:

  • Snowy theme
  • Medevil theme- ( Best )
  • Space theme- ( Best )
  • Farm theme- (Dont recommend)
  • Forest theme
    Now that you have chosen your theme and storyline you are ready to create your actual game.
    BEFORE MAKING YOUR GAME DO THE GIMKIT CREATIVE TUTORIAL ( which you can get a free skin from )
    Step 2
    Before you enter your map equip your blueprint gim skin for drip. :ok_hand:
    Now enter your map and create a waiting room:
    This room should be engaging with stuff to do so the player does not get bored.
    Maybe a maze or some tips for the player.
    The most important part is that the player cannot enter the main game.
    Since the new medieval update, I would recommend you have 4 sections of your pregame map.
    2)Dining Hall
    4)Spawning spot
    :partying_face: Great job! You just made your pregame map but that’s only the beginning…

Step 3
Now choose a background and go to editing options, then click go through walls, speed 3, and show memory bar.
Now create a tutorial part of your map.
In the tutorial, you teach the basic functions of the map for example how to shoot and stuff.
After you have done that proceed to create levels you should have at least 5 with your last being the final boss level.
Each level should have a normal boss, however.
Also as the levels become harder the normal enemies should become stronger.

Also, you could add sprint levels,
In these levels you have people run across a room of sentries with high accuracy and speed but less damage. You should have nothing to hide behind though.
If you want you could add lasers which one shot you if you want into them. If you do this people won’t be able to randomly run across the room.
You could also make the lasers invisible for the harder levels. Here people will only be able to see the tips of the lasers, making it super hard to navigate.
One last thing for this step:
I would recommend having some bosses like this ← (Click on this to see a tutorial)
And finally for the last finally we have the extra spice.
You could have levels in which you choose your own path. You could have them choose between fast-firing low-damage or slow-firing high-damage paths.

Step 4
The final boss

This will be the hardest part of the game. Defeating this boss will end the game or maybe the boss will drop an item which will end the game, who knows?
Your boss should like this. They should be over the top and have a super strong weapon.

Step 5
: Stuff to wrap up your map:

You should have a shop that offers med packs and such. One type of shop you must have should be the blacksmith.
The Blacksmith will sell you ammo and guns.
You know what to do: if you don’t I will post a guide later in the morning.


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Nice First Guide, @Bobthebuilder123!
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Nice first guide!

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