Backrooms map help

Put black barriers over the room and turn collision off.

good idea. Now all I have to do is add nocliping. I will tell you how to do that

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You just need hidden teleporters or make part of the walls floor

thanks. I did it. Anything else that I should know

oooohhh if you try to make the backrooms its gonna hurt

try to use this guide (made by yours truly)
How To Make An Awesome RPG Game

I would sugest making multiple games with each level being 4 to 3 levels long

yes but its the stuff any rpg game needs so i was just saying that he should add lore, bosses, and otehr things

you could have pick your own route levels where you pick a slide and it makes you go down a certain route (all paths would have to converge at one point)

in part one I added that you can become the entity and to fight other players. If you do know about the backrooms then what other rolls should I add. Also good idea

how about the poolrooms and the gamerooms

at the very end of your “franchise” you could have somone going to the control rooms and dystroying the entire backrooms

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the control rooms are too hard to make. so lets try doing the pool rooms

also this will take a while so you all better wait a little longer

Thats all I need for now. Let me work my magic and then I can get back to you

Make invisible maze.

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WAIT for the control rooms just get a bunch of infected bookshelves control panels toolbxes spaceboxes and clap them all together
The entity for that level could be the robot senetery

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good idea. But remember I only have limited space in gimkit creative. So I will make the control rooms small. Instead of deleting levels you go to a secret ending if you get the code

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