How to make an alternative Asteroids task (Among Us)

This will be a breakdown on how to make the asteroids task. However, This is an alternative way to make it, so it is different to the original asteroids task.

There are three parts:

Entering the task.

First you need to make a basic setup:

*make sure that the teleporter is on group T2 and the target group is T1.

Thats it.

Building the task.

Make a pretty big room away from your play area. Make the floor a dark color and make sure to add walls. Then get a camera view and make it span the entire room, except for the walls. No walls should show.

Now add two teleporters like this:

*make the right one on group T1 and does NOT have a target group. The left one does not have a group, but the target group will be T2.

Next, make it so that when players enter through the right teleporter, they get a weapon. and when they enter the original teleporter, that weapon gets taken away.
Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 1.09.21 PM
Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 1.09.08 PM

Then add a barrier around the left teleporter.

Finishing the task.

Add 10-20 sentries scattered around the map. These will act as your “Asteroids”
*Make sure the sentries can’t respawn!

[IMPORTANT! It is important that you set the fire rate and aim accuracy to the lowest. And while you’re at it, you should probably make them one-shot. However, this does not guarantee that you wont die, so keep their weapons at a common zapper for minimal damage.]

Add a counter at a set value (however many sentries you have) and make it so the counter goes up when a sentry is knocked out.

Then connect the counter so when it reaches its target value, it deactivates the barrier.

It should look look this:

*You should probably add some wire repeaters (hint, hint)

And that’s that! You have finished the Guide. Now you can make your “Among gim” without the asteroid task (which is impossible to recreate perfectly). Instead, you have a perfectly fine alternative.

I hope this helped. How about a rating?

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oops i accedentally posted

I made this a wip if you don’t mind.

Nice guide so far!

Good start! Can’t wait so see it done. Also, I wouldn’t consider accidentaly posting bad, because you could have accidentaly deleted it, which is way worse.

The problem is, the player could get hurt by the sentries. If they die by the sentries, they can’t respawn again.

hmm. I’ll try to fix that.

Maybe replace the sentries with props?

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You could put an invisible barrier around it, or just set the sentries to team 1


But the barrier would block the sentry from being shot. You could keep the sentry settings but place a zone that you can’t shoot in

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Nice! Maybe use destroyable props as an alternative?