How to make a vaulting (or jumping) mechanic

you need
2. teleporter
2. buttons

Step 1.
Add a button and a teleporter like this
Step 2.
Copy it like this
Step 3.
Make the teleporters invisible, and the buttons
Step 4.
connect the button on 1 side to the teleporter on the other side, for both sides

I hope this helps some people!


I am confused, what is this?

Cool guide! I believe you can add videos the same way you add pictures, just by selecting a video instead.

I think it explains how to jump up on something

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yes, over something, You could add a vending machine that costs energy to get over, also how do you add a video

Ok. I was confused by the name. Good guide!

  1. Click this:


  1. Click this:

Screenshot 2023-09-10 2.33.09 PM

  1. Click this:


(I am on chromebook)

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I tried, it doesn’t work for me

You have to have a video recorded.

yes, it says it only allows jpeg, and other things like that

How did you record?



What do you mean my that?
Also you should get in the habit of using vending machines, as they do just about the same things as buttons, and more.

They take more memory though, and you normally don’t need to buy a jumping pass

Yeah, true

I agree vending machines are generally better, but in this scenario it’s overkill

make all of the teleporter and buttons not visible in game

Buttons can’t be made invisible in-game, they can only be deactivated.

Yes you can