How to make a ticking timer glitter bomb!

Hey guys, it sounds like it is time to make a glitter bomb! I will work with this using a timer. We are going to use the How to make a colon-separated timer (Difficulty: :yellow_square:) guide. Please finish that first, and then come back here!

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Is this child-friendly?

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Ok, sure, what do you recommend to make it child friendly?

Just make a ticking timer, not a bomb.

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And let it explode unicorns and rainbows.


Out of 10, how is this guide?

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Also, what are things you would like to make this age appropriate?

  • Commented below!
  • Whatever it is.
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just dont make it explode fire and stuff. that might get it taken down.

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“tv7+”? technically, everyone here is supposed to be 13+ but i’m pretty sure the 13- people here are 10+

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That’s me. 11 be like :rofl:

my point exactly.

Plus, i know a 5 year old on forums

ok, but it’s not like there’s anything stopping that 5-year-old from clicking on this, so age restrictions here are kinda pointless

also i thought things like tv-y7 or tv-ma are for tv shows?

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I am about to max out on replies :frowning: Bye.

Guys i just wanna know how to make a bomb pls :sob:

Bruh chill it takes. Days, months

The age rating is going to make it more likely to get clicked by people who are to young.

this is interesting

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[TV-Y7+] bump [TV-Y7+]

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@ABCD Remember to finish it!

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