Game mode help (too short title)

yeah, there really is no bomb item, so no sadly.

@WhiteGod i don’t think you did but have you tried turning your computer off to go to sleep.

hey @Kamauouer its ealy morning so theres not many people on so your just going to have to wait a little or late night for others

How much time do you want before the bomb explodes?

let’s just say 3 seconds? about that

Alr give me a second to make it and then i’ll give you the steps.

What I think you could do Kamauouer:
Get an overlay that says “Place bomb” and the bomb will be placed and after 5 seconds it would explode, but during that time someone could pick it up and the timer resets.

This would be hard because you’d have to make a bomb and every part of the map. The bomb could use props and lasers to look like a bomb and knockout someone.

If you need more detail I can explain more, but do relieaze I’ll make sure you get a bit of a think out of it too.

You forgot me!

(Edit: Didn’t read 5 or 6 of the post before this)


im sorry its early morning and ive forgotten most peoples names over my spring break im sorry

That’s fine it was mostly a joke. I just off Spring Break as well.

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I’m not sure.

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ok i just realized you can’t just throw stuff in Gimkit
and 80% of these posts here aren’t contributing to the topic

yes im sorry about that but you can always give the illusion of it

How big is you map Kamauouer? I could help more with an estimate.

Some of you should relax and remember that our purpose is to assist them, not engage in casual conversation. :skull: anyway i’m almost done with bomb and then i’ll show you the steps.

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like 15% memory? also why is there a 20 character limit

I meant how big in size not memory sorry. But it’s there so people don’t spam.

a small 15 x 15 grid so people run around

(Fill in the blanks so people think more no offense I just think it helps people)

1: Ok, that’s very small, so 15 x 15 is… (Blank) big

How do you want the bomb to be placed? With a game overlay or button?

Gotta go sorry

There are guides on this (I think)! Please search before you post!

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I don’t see any guides for throwing bombs
@Captain-Gim ran out of posts for some reason

@Captain-Gim has already given you a decent answer, and I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to make an actual throwing animation.