How to make a text box show the number of a counter (kinda urgent)

I wanna use text instead of an ugly counter.

Some maybe something like:

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but I wanted a text box to show the counter number

well, you could link the counter to a (number) property, go to the “when property value changes, transmit on” channel and create a block to set the text to the property’s value

Dude thats pretty hard to do

Lemme see if I can do it ill reply to this chat if I figure it out

What do you want to use it for?

a player counter sorry for late reply

Make the counter update a property.
Block code of text:
Set Text: Get Property: "whatever it was"


let me try it.

You might want to connect a trigger loop or something to that text so it updates.

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wait how do I do that?

Lifecycle > Trigger Loop [which is literally just trigger triggering a trigger using channels/wires] > Text

Screenshot 2024-04-13 2.45.18 AM
kinda like this?

Yeah. Does it work?


this is what I have

Well, you’re supposed to place down only one trigger that triggers itself by "When triggered, send on channel “triggerLoop” or something; and "Trigger when receiving on channel: “triggerLoop”. Then wire that trigger to the text.

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let me try that.

do I put the property type on letter or number?