How to make a teleporter teleport! [0.5/⬜]

So i get that some people can’t figure out how to make a teleporter work. This short guide WILL SHOW you how to.

  1. Place a teleporter (wow rlly)
  2. Name the “Group” and “Target Group” the same thing, name them whatever you want them to be!
  3. Do the same thing all over again on the other teleporter that you want them to teleport to!
    4.Wire the two teleporters together, then follow these steps
    Click “Player teleported here” and “Teleport player here”

You are done!! Enjoy!


Welcome, and great first guide! I recommend you add some pictures it’s easier to understand for beginners.

Btw, doesn’t this just teleport the player to the same teleporter they just teleported to again?

Actually, no! i’m not at all a good programmer (but i try) it took me forever to figure it out, but i finally did. Idk how it works, but it does! and i will figure out how to add pics!

Thanks for the feedback bt-dubbz

Really? What does it do? The teleporter works for me without that wire.

Oh wait, I see how that works now. Basically, the teleporter causes you to teleport to itself, and because of that it teleports you to the other teleporter. I don’t think this was how this was intended lol, but that’s really creative!

like i said, idek how it works

But what I personally do is this:

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Ah! Thanks, its detailed! You seem good at this!


Like you said, I’m new. I joined today and this is my first upload. So how do I add pictures??? it would mean a lot


Welcome to the forums! To add pictures, I just copy and paste, but there is a way by saving the picture and importing it by using the bar above the text.


More specifically this icon:


Thanks! im on my schools chromebook, so its kinda hard to do things, so that clears it up!


Welcome to the forum and nice first guide, @TaigaBiome ! Check out the beginner-must-read and forum-tips for more easy help! Read the Community Guidelines for a gist of the rules. If you ever run into a hard problem, talk to anyone who has the word “Regular” next to their profile name. They can help you with hard and in-depth concepts and mechanics!

You may want to credit this guide, though. It was made first.


Welcome to the forum @TaigaBiome !

Opps, normally I say this in at least one hour after they log onto the forum, but Welcome to the Community @TaigaBiome!

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