How to make a Spider Web

So I made this to help some one and get in a little bit into the holiday spirit. So what you need to do is make 4 octogans with metal poles, and layer them to fit neatly. Yes its that simple, but if you are like me and love to design try adding a spider on the center, 2 apple trees on each side of the web, make 2 different sized leaf piles, 6 leafs falling, 3 on each side, and add a pumkin under one tree. Like this:

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Keep being creative!


This is really amazing! You have a remarkable talent for art, which is truly impressive!


Thank you, art is why I am here on GKC, otherwise i would be usless.

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I love this! It is a little bit short, so to extend it you could also make things for other bugs on this post like bee hives.

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true, thanks for the idea @NavyCatZ!

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Nice job! The poles are a bit thick, though. Is it possible to make the poles bigger/longer?

saddly no, either they get thick and big or small and skinny, nothing inbetween.

That is a really big spider.

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The trees make it even better, good job!!

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Maybe add a tiny ladybug to it.

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:skull: someone just hates you

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must be a regular if they’re getting flagged so quickly 0.o

idk that or its a system thing because one guide was not touched untill now from 7 months ago.

Why was this flagged?!

for ppl who never saw

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idk and its driving me insane and a bit mad.


Thank you. I wanted to see it.

It makes me mad, too!

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Yeeeeeeees! Thank you Jeffo!!! For unflagging this guide!
Way to go @WolfTechnology!!!

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