How to make a seconds survived leaderboard?

So I keep trying to do this but the repeater does not have a scope, so when one player gets tagged the entire timer stops so pls halp me

This guide could help:

I tried ALL OF THEM they dont work…

Maybe wire a tag zone to a repeater with Player tagged → Stop repeater. (This may not work but this might work.)

it does not work
it should but it does not

Is your property player scoped?

yes it is player scoped

Is your leaderboard set to use the property value for the score?

Ok, I’m gonna try…
Devices needed:
Lifecycle x2
Counter x1
Repeater x1
Property x1

The first Lifecycle’s event should be game start. Wire it to a repeater so
Event occurs → Start repeater
Make the repeater’s tasks 1 second long.
Wire the repeater to a counter so
Task is run → increment counter

Make the counter update a property, and make this property player scoped

Get the second lifecycle and make it’s event player knocked out.
Wire this to the counter so
Event occurs → reset counter

Make the leaderboard run on this property

that wont work cuz its a tag map

its fine tho ill replace it with a tag zone

it doesnt work :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Make sure everything is set up correctly. If it doesn’t work, set it for once the player is tagged it stops the repeater.

Is it not showing up on the leaderboard when you start the game?

@Theaxolotl Everything works fine

@LlamaLady22 It is not showing up it just shows the number 0

can you make the counter be able to be seen in game and see if the counter is counting? because if it is it is probably a property problem

Make sure the counter is linked to the property you are using for the leaderboard, and that the leader board’s score is set to the property you use for the counter.

it is a property problem then

I just found the property problem it works finnaly thank you so much

wait it only works for one player all of the other players just get 0 seconds