How to make a screen teleporter (🟩)

This is my firs Community Guide, so I just wanted to show somthing that mysz done wrong. Mostly for the FNaF lovers lol :slight_smile:

So like what he said, you will need:
1# Lifecycle
1# Repeater
1# Checker
2# Game Overlay(s)
More than 2 teleporter

First, you are going to want to get a lifecycle, and the settings should be the same as this automatically… but this is what it should look like anyway.
Screenshot 2023-09-27 6.38.09 PM

Then you need the Repeater, everything is the same, EXCEPT the task interval, that will be 0.5, and the stop strategy will be After number of repetitions, and make the number of repetitions into 100 (max number) like this.
Screenshot 2023-09-27 6.44.19 PM

Now you will need a checker. Its all the same except for the value, you will change that to 0, like this.
Screenshot 2023-09-27 6.46.49 PM

Then you will need the Game overlay. Make the overlay type a button and (what I did) make the overlay text into CAMS (you can make it anything you want it to say). BUT BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE, go on channels (this is where mysz messed up), he forgot to make the channels. Make channels for the 2nd overlay and for this first one. Then put the 1st overlay channel in the middle channel slot and the 2nd overlay channel on the top and bottom slots, and change the visible on game start off. It should look like this.

Then on the 2nd overlay its the same except for the channels, instead they are the opposite, the 2nd channel in the middle and the 1st channels in the top and bottom slots, like this.

Now time to connect the wires!
these are the wire paths.

Lifecycle ----> Repeater(start repeater)
Repeater -----> Checker
Checker(check passes) -----> 1st Game overlay (Show)
1st game overlay -----> 2nd game overlay
1st game overlay -----> Teleporter 1
2nd game overlay -----> Teleporter 2

Like this.
Screenshot 2023-09-28 7.46.14 AM

Don’t forget to put in the checker the item you will get to access the button!

But there you go! All credit tho goes to mysz! (But not all of the credit [I did the channels]).
(And I am new to this color code easy to hard thing so I jut put green for easy) I hope you like this tip! :smiley:


I don’t think guide is in forum tips. I edited the tags for you.


Thank you! I dont know what a forum tip is, so I jut put that there.

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Forum tips are guides about navigating the forum.
Here’s a guide that tells what each tag means.


Remember! Lifecycle’s game start only applies for the host!!!


Yeah, @wild_fox, you have to add a relay for it to broadcast it to everyone! Anyway, nice first guide!


i jumped off my screen and – BUMP!