How To Make A randomizer pls help

Im trying to make the customer want a random food item for my fast food tycoon map

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thank you ill start reading

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if this is your solution then mark it as your solution

Give them a sec. They are reading it.


ill mark it when im done not sure if it will work

how do you get this piece this is my first time using blocks

its variables you may name it whatever you want

In that picture you sent do you see the variables tab on the left hand side.
That is where you get it. A variable is used to store information and allows you to not have to re-declare something over and over again

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there is not a spot to put =1

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never mind i got found it

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so you did the do do do do as much times as you wanted?

yeah im goning to check if it works

Go to blocks. Click math. Click random integer between _ and _. Put that in the code. Simple and easy.

im stepping on it and it wont work to test i put down three props that activate when option 1,2 or 3 goes off

did you place the channels on to the props or granters?

Make it generate a random thing. So if/else. If x then y. if else xa then ya. If 1 then use this menu option.

heres what it looks like

did you put the green text into your granters or props?

It should work. Yeah it should work. Make sure you put a live game feed thing as well for a debug.