How to make a playground

so i am making a park and i want to make a playground acquirement, but don’t know how

Sorry IDK how to make one

Give me just a sec, and i will make something for ya :slight_smile: also super helpful pandapants2000 lol

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Don’t post unless you have a solution.


yeah, >:l super helpful

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@TryEverything why thank you :smiley:

so… does anyone know how to do it?

Give @TryEverything a chance to make something. be patient.

these might help

ok let me try them.

BRO I ALREADY USED THE HOPSCOCH THING!! (sorry not mad at you)

CoolGimkitPlayer made the first guide lol.

yeah and i used the second one to inprove mine LOL

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I just realized lol

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it’s ok LOL

no hes trying to make a litteral playgrond set thing like this

but not as complacated

yeah something simple like this

i still need help

there aren’t really guides for playgrounds
are there specific parts you want?

Almost done sorry it is taking so long