How to make hopscotch 0/10%

the only reason that you would use this is if you’re making a playground (like me)
basically what you need is

10 counters (or more depending on how many hopscotch squares you will have)
get some colored terrain

put every counter starting from 1 up to the number that you want it to be, for my example i put it at 10.
that place it in any way shape or form
add the terrain to make it look pretty
put the “Hopscotch” logo on the top
and you’re done
mine looks like this :arrow_down:

but you can make it however you want

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you might want to add some other stuff as this might be too short and can get you flagged.

by the way, if you know how to make a playground set, you know like this
or mabey something simpler,
please tell me

oh, i didn’t know you could get flag.

This is a great guide! Nostalgia’s coming in for me!


oh, not who what, yeah when i was making it, lots of Nostalgia

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this is very short, and can easily get flagged?

i know, well it did know like 20 minuts ago.
should i take it off?

Sure, or you could add more to it.

i’m not really sure how

boom, made it longer. (now i probely won’t get flaged)

Please don’t make guides as simple as this. Maybe add how to make the actual mechanics in hopscotch?