How to make a player drop their inventory upon knockout

The title says it

Somethin’ like this:

I skimmed the guide and I think it automatically drops even if the player didn’t have it I want the entire inventory to drop to the ground

wasn’t there a map option for this? I think…

THat also does that I already checked that guide

Well, you can keep inventory or not but I want the inventory to drop onto the ground

like in Minecraft? practically impossible unless you do that system up there for every item you have planned for in your game

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yea I want it like minecraft

In settings there is an 3 options one for consumable drop one for gadget drop and recourse drop make all of them from yes to no then it will work.

nah I tried that it doesn’t work

how are they being knocked out? from a laser, another player, or sentry?

player or sentries

Try this guide

Use this guide

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The In the settings there is a gadget respawn behavior under items

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