How to make a password system [Difficulty: 🟦] 1.0 (OUTDATED)

(Credits to @M_Matthew)

Hey everyone, so I haven’t seen many tutorials on this, so I decided to make one.
So, we’re going to make a password system, it is going to be when you enter the password it lets you go, you don’t it does not let you in.

Step 1- Setup a prop. This is the prop that is going to block you until you enter the password.
(My prop is a little safe)

Step 2- Setup a button. Make it’s setting look like this:

Step 3- Put a questioner in. Since you want it to be a password system, make a kit that has 1 question, make the question type a type in question where you have to write the answer.

Step 4- Make the question in the kit ‘What’s the password?’ and put the code you want as the correct answer. Now add that into the questioner.

Step 5- The wire system should look like the one below.


Okay, updating the guide, but someone said that if you get the question wrong it doesn’t work. You could do what @Slime said in the comments: Question Answered Incorrectly —> Repeat The Wire Pulse ----> Close Question Answering Screen or you could make more ‘What’s the password’ questions each with a different answer. ( I recommend to do what @Slime said in the comments)

I hope you enjoyed this guide and I hope its useful!

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Nice Guide!

Also, you might want to credit this guide:

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Nice guide!

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this looks great, might even make this an addition to my fnaf map.

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This guide (sorry) has already been made several times. But nice guide!

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this isn’t very good because after you guess once it would just tell you the password. If you use a wire repeater you can make it do this:

Question Answered Incorrectly ---> Repeat The Wire Pulse ----> Close Question Answering Screen

Also, Nice Guide! There’s just the it tells you the password after problem


Welcome to the forums @Slime. Don’t forget to read the new-user-must-read!

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wat i’ve already posted. and yes i’ve already done that


Well, you joined not long ago, and we haven’t welcomed you, so welcome!

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Oh, exciting!! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you! I’ll add it to my guide once I check it out.

Oh, really? Thank’s for letting me know!

Thanks everyone for these comments, tho!

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@tspentakota I belive this system broke with the new update. If you add your map to the discovery page, it doesn’t let you (the map creator) specify a kit, the player has to select a kit.

Might be a good idea the Gimkit team could consider for a new setting for the queationer that allows you to choose weather or not you force someone to use your kit.

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Alright thanks for the suggestion, @Riptide , I will make a new one right now its going to be the how to make password system 2.0

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I just posted the newest password system version :slight_smile:

@tspentakota Thanks! I’ll check it out!

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@tspentakota I also made a Bugs post about the removed functionality, hopefully they fix it :slight_smile:

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Yeah, hopefully, they do. Cuz i know there is a lot of posts like this so…

@tspentakota You also might want to change the highlighted topic in your bio to the new one.

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