How to make a passcode for a door or a barrier

I will be showing you how to make a passcode on a barrier.

So to do it you will have to go to the devices and type “Questioner” then spawn it where ever you like and then stay on devices and type “Barrier” and then place the barriers where ever u like. Next, you have to wire the “Questioner” to all the barriers you want for it to be opened.

Next, When you wire both of them up it will pop up a message. Click “When answered correctly” then for the second one click “Activate Barrier” and remember put a link in the questioner for it can work!

I hoped this helped! Have fun playing Gimkit!


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Title: How to Make a Passcode for a Door or a Barrier
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If you input the wrong password, it will say incorrect answer and show you the correct answer for 3 seconds.

To fix that, put a wire repeater. Wire the questioner to the wire repeater, and select question answered correctly. Wire the wire repeater to the questioner, and select close question answering screen.


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