Map creator cannot force Kit on published Discovery map

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So, with the new update and the addition of Discovery maps, it is no longer possible to force a player to use a certain kit (when the map is published on Discovery). It will still allow the player to select a kit in the Discovery menu. This breaks things like password systems.

The Gimkit team could solve this by adding a new “force kit” option for the questioner.

You could try to simulate the questioner using a prop and a popup?
You can also have more answers using the infinite cta thing.

i didnt lol

It’s not really a bug though imo.

The Gimkit team unintentionally removed a feature in the new update. Seems like a bug to me.

Does it allow for typing? That’s technically a solution but Gimkit should still fix it.

What do you mean by that?

Like, with the questioner if you make a Kit and a question with the “open ended” option you can type in your answer on M&K

If the kit has it, it should

Then just remove that part of the game, don’t publish it or make something new.


If the kit that whoever is playing the game has open-ended questions, it should still use them

In the Discovery page, it allows the player to select a Kit. I want them to use a Kit that I specify and only that Kit.

What they did might qualify as a bug, or maybe a previous feature but what I meant was a suggestion was this:

Also I’m sorry if i sounded rude When I was very quickly like “suggestion!!” I didn’t mean to be

I do not know how to fix the troubles you are having, except maybe what Haisai said up there with popups… sorry

No all good, I didn’t really think of it as a suggestion but more of a solution if they needed one.

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pseudo questions lol