How to make a passable football in gimkit

Me and my friends are making a football game mode and we need some help.We just need to know how to make a football.If y’all can please help.

That would be very hard to make, and it would take up a lot of memory.

You would need to make a coordinate system, and animation, and there is no good prop for football. Here are the guides:

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Wait, is this American football?

For American Football: You can have like a play that colors a barrier in a coordinate system. The players on the offensive team only see it, and they have to go there. The quarterback can use the overlays to pass and choose the play beforehand. There is a chance for the people to catch it. After this, you could either switch the player’s team who caught it (very hard to work with), or send a notification to all the players to show who caught it (the easiest option.

For soccer: Use guns?

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(also @getrithekd you can use some of the links that were posted for your game)

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Guns for soccer? How would that work? You can’t detect hits, and if you make them one hit then they just respawn, and without having a very detailed coordinate system, and lots of block code, that would never work.

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Oh ok then

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How would you move an item? Making sentries automatically die in the exact order with perfect decay? Think before you speak type.

You’re right, but mostly I wanted to bump

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