How to make a missile launcher truck

Ok, so continuing my theme of the military (See this guide for a helicopter How to make a helicopter) I might as well make a missile launcher truck (and add 2 types of usable missiles) so lets begin

Step 1.
Get 3 shields, size them up, and put them like this

Step 2.
Get a barrier, size it up (turning outlines off is a choice, but I will) dye it with this R8, G117, B0

Step 3.
Ok, time for the missile holding part, for this we will use the storage container (Because barriers can’t rotate)

Step 4.
Time for the front of the truck, we will mainly be using barriers (with the same tint as the first one) apart from the slanted front (again no rotate barrier) we will use a storage container

Step 5.
Get another barrier, and dye it light blue

Step 6.
Add finishing touches like an antenna, support beams, fuel cap, etc

That is it for art (P.S. I will make it functional soon with 2 or 3 types of missiles a normal, napalm, and something else)


oooo this will be cool when complete!

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It will. Are you going to add like a cab or something?

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not bad, I would make the truck a power wagon, yes a real thing or make the JDL, yes that is real too.

Power Wagon
Screenshot 2023-12-04 12.37.42 PM

Screenshot 2023-12-04 12.38.25 PM


Perfect Details to add to Many Games :+1:

cool now i can prank my nonexistent gimfriends even harder with this (once functional, but this will still be quite menacing)


Unique and interesting! Barriers would probably be better wheels imo

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Are you going to add a sentry or 7 in it?

[Also, @top-z , you’re on the forums?]

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You could make it work with this guide

i have been for a while, i’m just not active

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Bump bc the original was copied, also great guide


could you make a humvee

images (2)

I would just use the storage containers completely

Did the editing limit run out? Because you haven’t finished it in a month

5…4…3…2…1… launch the bump.

Also, can you make a Panzerkampfwagen
Didn’t have to copy paste the name this time.

I’m going to remove wip from this because editing time limit has run out :frowning:

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I should be able to do that for you, any color you want it?

The color of a Panzerkampfwagen, black/grey.

BUMP (tilted storage container go hard tho)